Warm up:

  • Lat activation (3 sets of 10 with 30 seconds rest in between)


  • HEAVY kettle bell deadlift (4 sets of 12 with 1 minute rest in between)

    If you have been working on barbell deadlifts then use a barbell…but remember it’s 12 reps with only 1 minute rest in between so don’t overload the bar.


  • AMRAP in 8 minutes of:

15 air squats, 10 TRX rows, 5 hand release push ups

*As soon as your 8 minute AMRAP is over you have 30 burpees to do as fast as possible.  However, you get to deduct the number of rounds done in your AMRAP from the 30 burps...so move fast!


70 cal row

80 butterfly sit ups

60 wall balls

40 KBS  

20 burpees

*This workout is very simple. It is one time through of the above movements. They are all pretty basic and straight forward except the kettle bell swing. For that I would like everyone to watch the demo video below to refresh their technique on these. It will make your swings much more efficient and prevent any back pain. I highly recommend breaking up your wall balls, burpees and swings into manageable sets of 10-15 with short rest periods in between. Have fun! 

Preview of the 12 Days of Christmas

If you trained with me last year during the holiday season you know the 12 days of Christmas workout well. This was last year’s version and I’m re-posting it as a warm up to this years version, which I will be coaching people through this week during their sessions. Give this one a try to see what it’s like, then come into the club next week and try this years version.

This workout is done exactly like the song.  You are going to start with exercise #1 which is a 100 meter row.  Then you do exercise #1 and #2 which is 2 deadlift high pulls.  Then you are back at the beginning.  Each time you start over you add another "day" or "exercise" to the list.  Your reps correlate with whatever number the exercise falls on.  The video will demonstrate each exercise for you.

100 meter row

2 deadlift high pulls

3 goblet squats

4 KB push press (2/side)

5 KB swings

6 wall balls

7 dynamax slams

8 weighted sit ups

9 DB lunges

10 renegade rows (5/side)

11 burpees

12 DB snatches (6/side)


Warm up:  

Bridge with hip whip x8/side

V sit 3 second lower to hollow hold x6

Good morning x8




KB deadlift x12

Bottoms up KB press x 8

OH KB hold x30 seconds




Every minute on the minute:  20 minutes

minute 1: 12 KB squat cleans

minute 2: 12 hand release push ups

minute 3: 12 lunge pass throughs

minute 4: 6 hollow hold rolls


Warm up: 

500 m row easy pace

Hip whip x10/ side

Plank marching x20



Strength:  EMOM 18 minutes

minute 1: 10 walking lunge alternating

minute 2: 12 renegade row

minute 3: hollow hold rocks max effort up to 1 minute



500 m row

25 air squats

75 jump rope

rest 1 min


Labor Day Kick off

800 m run

6 complex: 1 burpee, 1 long jump, 2 jumping lunge, side shuffle

12 DB snatches

18 renegade rows

24 SA push press


*use 1 dumbbell for all movements ( the push press will be the limiting factor for the choice of weight. You can break these up as 1 set of 12/ arm, 2 sets of 6/arm, or 3 sets of 4/arm).


Travel WOD 7

 Warm up:

Glute roll with tennis ball

Pigeon stretch 30 sec/side

Squat stretch 1 min



15 DB deadlift

12 renegade row

10 thruster

200 m run


*the point of this workout is to hold onto the dumbbells the whole time (except the run) in order to build your grip strength