12 Days of Christmas

100 jump ropes

2 burpee rolls

3 wall walks

4 hand release push ups

5 v sits

6 burpee lateral hops

7 plank wall climbs

8 step back lunge

9 jumping lunge

10 plank up downs

11 jump squats

12 burpees


*This workout is done exactly like the song "The 12 Days of Christmas."  You will start with 100 jump ropes and 2 burpee rolls.  Then you will go back to the 100 jump ropes, on to the 2 burpee rolls and then add 3 wall walks.  Once again you will go back to the 100 jump ropes and work your way through the workout; each time adding on the next exercises with the prescribed reps.  Make sense???  Have fun and happy holidays!!!