12 Days of Christmas

This workout is done exactly like the song.  You are going to start with exercise #1 which is a 100 meter row.  Then you do exercise #1 and #2 which is 2 deadlift high pulls.  Then you are back at the beginning.  Each time you start over you add another "day" or "exercise" to the list.  Your reps correlate with whatever number the exercise falls on.  The video will demonstrate each exercise for you.

100 meter row

2 deadlift high pulls

3 goblet squats

4 KB push press (2/side)

5 KB swings

6 wall balls

7 dynamax slams

8 weighted sit ups

9 DB lunges

10 renegade rows (5/side)

11 burpees

12 DB snatches (6/side)